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Pitch Day

Pitch day 2023

About Pitch Day 2023
Pitch day is a pitching event where entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their venture to the panel consisting of Investors. They will receive feedback from the panel, and they might have an opportunity to get funding from the investors.  

About WurkZone
WurkZone is a startup launch pad, incubation, and VC fund house. We're looking to invest in seed and early-stage start-ups. We help aspiring founders build the best products with great investments. We've got you a well-furnished workspace, providing office spaces & providing development for seed and early-stage startups.


WurkZone invites application for ideas/startups for a pitch day. 

Pitch Deck
All teams will have to submit an abstract which would include:-- Introduction, The vision of the start-up, The business model, The problem they are solving, Market strategy, Target audience of the start-up, The abstract should also involve the start-up's present stage and the execution strategy for the plan they have made for the future. The abstract should be in the form of a PPT/PDF file.
Submission Start Day:  TBD

Judges Round
Shortlisted participants would be invited for Judges round which will be held in offline mode. The final pitching and Q&A round for on-the-spot funding will be conducted offline between investors and pitchers. Each team will be given 15 minutes, 10 minutes for pitching followed by 5 minutes of Q&A session. This round will be held at WurkZone(OFFLINE)

Date: TBD

Investors Round (Shark Tank):
The shortlisted teams get an opportunity to pitch their business models to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their idea.

Date: TBD

Rewards and Prizes
The entrepreneurs will receive mentorship from the panel, and they might have an opportunity to receive funding from the investors subject to their business plan and their pitch.

Prizes, goodies and merit certificates will be awarded to top contenders. 

Stay tuned for further details

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